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This is the pencil sketch of illustration number 28 on page 108 of Judy's Journey. It shows a girl in an orchard, picking fruit with baskets.

This is a pencil sketch of illustration number 54 on page 204 of Judy's Journey.

In the production of Lois Lenski's books, her illustrations would be converted to metal stamps. Her images could then be reproduced again and again.

Judy's Journey was originally published in 1947 as part of Lois Lenski's regional books. It is the story of a child of a migrant family that journeys from Alabama sharecropper shack in a desperate search for security. This rough sketch is from…

When the Lois Lenski Collection was donated to Florida State University, illustrations, manuscripts and sketches were displayed in Strozier Library.

The original pencil illustration for page 142 of Strawberry Girl, dated 1945.

This is the original illustration for page 39 of Strawberry Girl, showing the Boyer family. The illustration is dated 1945.

Back inside cover from We Live in the Country, originally published in 1960.

This is the first page of We Live in the Country, signed by Lois Lenski. We Live in the Country was originally published in 1960.

Map of Florida, the setting for Strawberry Girl. Lenski's regional books had maps in the cover, drawn by Lenski, giving her readers a visual of the area they were reading about.
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