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Strawberry Girl


This collection focuses on Lois Lenski's award-winning book - Strawberry Girl. The Strawberry Girl collection highlights research Lenski undertook before writing the book, methods of the illustrations, and fan letters.


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Fan Letter From Child
Letter from Beverly King, 4035 S, Harrison Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dated March 22, 1947.

"Dear Miss Lenski, I have read some of your books. I think they are so good that [I] am writing you. I wish to congradulate you on Strawberry Girl. I do…

Photograph of Birdie Boyer
While researching for Strawberry Girl, Lois Lenski met this girl shown here in the above photograph. She was the inspiration for the main character, Birdie Boyer.

Photograph of Live Oak Tree
This photograph was taken In Florida by Lois Lenski while researching for Strawberry Girl. It shows a large live oak tree covered in Spanish moss and surrounded by palmetto plants. It exemplifies Florida nature and the inspirations that Lenski drew…

Photograph of a Florida Cracker Home
A photograph taken of a cracker log house in Florida while Lois Lenski was researching for Strawberry Girl. This house shows a typical Florida cracker family and home. It shows the lifestyle Birdie Boyer's family lived that was described in…

Rough sketch of Characters Working in the Fields
This rough sketch shows various figures including women, men, and children. They all are helping pick in the fields or are watching. Many of the figures have names above them such as Billy, Dewey, Mrs. Mattie, etc. A notable figure is that of Mr.…

Sketch for Ch.9 of Strawberry Girl
Here is a full-page, detailed sketch that Lenski intended to use in Chapter 9 of Strawberry Girl. We see Birdie and her family working in the fields picking and greeting a male over the fence with a group of dogs around him. In the background we see…

Original Illustration from Strawberry Girl - Page 142
The original pencil illustration for page 142 of Strawberry Girl, dated 1945.

Original Illustration from Strawberry Girl - Page 39
This is the original illustration for page 39 of Strawberry Girl, showing the Boyer family. The illustration is dated 1945.

Picture Map of Florida
Map of Florida, the setting for Strawberry Girl. Lenski's regional books had maps in the cover, drawn by Lenski, giving her readers a visual of the area they were reading about.

Strawberry Girl Book Cover
Cover of Lois Lenski's book Strawberry Girl, first published in 1945.
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