Judy's Journey


Judy's Journey


This collection houses source material relating to Lois Lenski's process for writing Judy's Journey. This collection includes: a photograph, an original hand-written chapter of Judy's Journey, and two sketches.


FSU Special Collections

Collection Items

Photograph of Transient's Home
Photograph of Transient's Home in Florida. Taken during the research process for Judy's Journey by Lois Lenski.

Hand-written Chapter 13 of Judy's Journey
Lois Lenski's hand-written draft of Chapter 13 for Judy's Journey.

Sketch for Ch. 8 of Judy's Journey
This is the pencil sketch of illustration number 28 on page 108 of Judy's Journey. It shows a girl in an orchard, picking fruit with baskets.

Sketch for Ch. 14 of Judy's Journey
This is a pencil sketch of illustration number 54 on page 204 of Judy's Journey.
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