This biographical collection gives a unique glimpse into the personal life of author Lois Lenski. The images in this collection show Ms. Lenski with her dedicated audience of children.


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Lois Lenski reading to Children at Child Care Center
Lois Lenski reading a book to children at a child care center in Seabrook Co.

Photograph of Greenacres
This is a picture of Lois Lenski's house.

Photograph of Lois Lenski and Children
Photograph of Lois Lenski shaking the hands of children.

Lois Lenski reading We Live In the South
This is a photograph of Lois Lenski reading We Live in the South to children in Sidney, Ohio.

Photograph of Lois Lenski as a Child
This is a portrait of Lois Lenski as a child.

Mother Goose Tablecloth
Tablecloth printed with Lois Lenski's illustrations of Mother Goose nursery rhymes.
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