This collection documents Lois Lenski's unique process of gathering information before writing her works. This collection consists of preparatory sketches, hand written excerpts, wood cut blocks, prints, life-study photos and other preliminary creative devices.


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Preparatory Sketch for Strawberry Girl
This sketch exemplifies Lois Lenski's process as she designs the character of Birdie.

Title Page for Strawberry Girl
This sketch exemplifies Lois Lenski's process in designing the coverpage of Strawberry Girl.

Hand Written Chapter 14 of Strawberry Girl
Handwritten excerpt of Chapter 14 from Strawberry Girl detailing Lois Lenki's writing process.

Print of Page 110 of We Live in the Country
This is a print of one of Lois Lenski's illustrations from her book We Live in the Country.

Preparatory Sketch of Timothy Trott and His Snowball
This is a preparatory sketch for a mini-comic entirled Timothy Trott and his Snowball. This piece exemplifies Lois Lenski's process.

Lois Lenski at Typewriter
A picture of Lois Lenski at her typewriter.

Lois Lenski at Drawing Table
Photograph of Lois Lenski at work at her drawing table.

Sketch of Flowers
This is a sketch of flowers done by Lois Lenski while she was researching for Strawberry Girl. She paid great attention to detail and had a realistic component to her drawings.

Progressive Sketch of a Female Figure
This a sketch that shows Lenski's process while drawing figures. On the left we see a female figure raising an axe or a hoe. To the right, the same female figure is drawn but with more precision, detail, and better proportions. This sketch was done…

Sketch of a Mossy Tree
A sketch of a tree covered in moss. This is characteristic of Florida vegetation. This sketch was done in relation to research for Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski.
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